Support Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Team Neonimo

As you know from our story, PoPo is so much more than just my 10+ year-old rescue cat – he's also my constant, inimitable companion and studio hand at Neonimo. PoPo makes every day at Neonimo full of hilarity and hijinks!

PoPo would not be in my life without the amazing Battersea Dogs & Cats Home so I want to take the opportunity to highlight the wonderful work they do and call on you to support them if you can.

Battersea has been here for every dog and cat since 1860: they believe that every dog and cat deserves the best. That's why they help every dog and cat in need – whether it's newly born or getting on, cute, or cute in its own way!

There are so many ways you can support Battersea to help them continue the fantastic work they do – from donations, entering their regular raffles (I enter a lot!) to volunteering: you'll probably find that there's something you can do to help.

Find out more about their work and how you can support them here. PoPo and I thank you for taking the time. 💜

Stay colourful!

Neonimo xx