Eco-Friendly Back To School Ideas

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As the back-to-school season approaches, it's the perfect time for students and parents alike to consider adopting eco-friendly alternatives to traditional school supplies. By making small changes in the products we choose, we can contribute to a healthier planet and instil valuable lessons about sustainability in the younger generation. In this article, we'll explore some bright eco-friendly back-to-school ideas that are both practical and planet-friendly.

Neonimo Slip Cases

Multi-purpose Slip Cases – Organise and Protect

Keeping our everyday essentials organised and protected is essential for any student. Instead of opting for single-use plastic pouches or disposable bags, consider investing in multi-purpose slip cases. These cases come with a snap-shut top, making them perfect for storing phones, glasses, pens, and other necessities. Look for eco-friendly options made from sustainable materials that are durable and long-lasting. We have 12 designs of eco-conscious slip cases to choose from.

Handbound Sketchbooks Notebooks

Handmade Sketchbooks/Notebooks – Nurture Creativity Sustainably

For the creative minds who love to jot down their ideas, thoughts, and doodles, a sustainable alternative to conventional notebooks is a must. Handmade sketchbooks and notebooks are not only beautiful but also made with FSC certified, thick, ivory-colour paper. These notebooks are lovingly hand-bound with fabric-covered hardbacks, giving them a unique and charming appeal. Check out our selection of artistic and environmentally responsible notebooks.

Zipper Pouches

Zipper Pouches – Durable and Versatile

Zipper pouches are versatile companions for any student. They can store pens, pencils, art supplies, math sets, and much more. Instead of opting for single-use plastic pouches, choose eco-friendly alternatives made from durable and tactile stretchy neoprene fabric. Not only are they sustainable, but they also come in various eye-catching designs that appeal to students of all ages. Discover our collection of super fun and durable zipper pouches that come in a whopping 36 designs!

Thermal Bottles

Keep-Cool Thermal Bottles – Stay Hydrated Sustainably

Hydration is essential for a productive day at school, but disposable plastic bottles can be harmful to the environment. Invest in Keep-Cool Thermal Bottles made from high-grade stainless steel with a 500ml capacity and helps reduce 2.5bn disposable cups thrown away each year. These bottles are designed to keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool, making them perfect for year-round use. By choosing reusable thermal bottles over disposable alternatives, students can significantly reduce their plastic waste. Check out our colourful thermal bottles collection to see how switching to reusables is more than just green!

Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

Organic Tote Bags – Carry Your Load Consciously

Tote bags are a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic bags. They're not only eco-friendly but also stylish and versatile. Our tote bags are made from high-quality, GOTS standard Organic Cotton Canvas fabric. These bags come in two sizes, making them ideal for carrying a gym kit, books, snacks, and other school essentials. Students can make a positive impact on the environment by saying no to plastic bags and using organic tote bags instead. Explore our collection of organic cotton canvas tote bags that come in fun designs!


Lunchboxes – Reusable Food Storage

Encourage sustainable eating habits by choosing eco-friendly lunchboxes for school meals. Our lunchboxes are made from hygienic and shatterproof plastic, which also feature an easy-to-clean non-porous surface. These reusable lunchboxes are designed to keep food fresh while eliminating the need for single-use plastic wraps and bags. Have a look at our range of sustainable lunchboxes available in fun prints – these are great for adults too!

There you have it!

By incorporating these eco-friendly back-to-school products into our daily lives, we can take small but impactful steps towards a greener future. Let's empower the younger generation to be conscious consumers and stewards of the environment. Together, we can make a difference!

Stay colourful!

Namalee at Neonimo xx

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